Krisztina Andrási

PhD student, research assistant

I joined the lab during the Fall of 2015, as I conducted a study for my master thesis with the help of the Babylab. The aim of the study was to explore whether preschooler aged children generalize information acquired from an in-group model compared to an out-group model differently. After graduation, I worked as a research assistant in the Babylab at the Central European University for 2 years. I rejoined the ELTE Babylab in the Fall of 2018, as a PhD student. As part of my PhD research, I am interested in exploring how children learn to navigate the very complex social world around them. More specifically, I would like to explore the processes which support them in figuring out what people know in a given situation – that could come from their experiences in the situation itself or their knowledge of a given culture -, and the way in which they interpret the behaviour of others and modify their own accordingly based on these processes. Apart from this, I also help in the management of the daily life of the lab.



ELTE Babalabor

1064 Budapest, Izabella street 46.

(+36) 30 806 3000/5654